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Year 11 positive case

MHS Update 7-10-2020

Good morning everyone. 

We received news of a positive case of Covid-19 within Year 11 on the evening of 6th October, and I would like to thank the family for sharing the outcome of the test so quickly. After taking the necessary advice we were been asked to keep Year 11 off school on Wednesday 7th October as a precaution, and decided to let parents know asap even though it meant a text fairly late last night. We felt it better to let everyone know straight away and avoid both the risk and the disruption of the whole year group travelling into school and then home again.

If Year 11 parents and carers have missed the message, then this is to confirm that the whole of Year 11 should not attend school today, Wednesday 7th October, and self isolate as a precaution. 

At the time of writing it is not clear whether we will have to ask the year group to isolate for longer, or whether some students will be able to return on Thursday 8th. We will of course aim to clarify this as soon as we can today.

In the meantime staff have been asked to set work on Show My Homework for all timetabled lessons. If classes are still off school on Thursday onwards, then the full suite of live lessons will commence on that day with form time at 8.20am onwards. Year 11 know how highly we regard them as a group and I have every faith that they will complete all the work set, and if necessary engage with the live lessons well.

Naturally I am very sorry that we have had to take this action today and I sincerely hope that this does not become the norm. Up until now we have been spared the level of cases seen in other large schools, but that doesn’t really make up for not having the class of 2021 with us today.

Siblings of Year 11 can and should attend school as normal.

Best wishes,

Joe Barker


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