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Learning Support

Marple Hall is an inclusive school. We believe every pupil is an individual and we are passionate about supporting and encouraging every young person we teach to reach their full potential, not only academically but as engaged, responsible future members of society.

How do we assess the level of need?

We explore all data and information from:

  • Primary School Transition
  • Key Stage 2 SATS results
  • Year 7 CATs tests
  • Reading Tests
  • Gradebook
  • Other Professionals e.g. Educational Psychologists, Social Workers
  • Parental information

Assess-Plan-Do-Review, the Graduated Approach:

Once we have the information, class teachers adapt how they teach: 

  • They try to remove barriers to learning.
  • They review the impact of the changes.

Not worked? 

  • Then we offer short-term interventions. 

Still no improvement? 

  • We offer longer term interventions and consult with outside agencies.

How does the school know when to give extra support?

  • Regular monitoring of progress, behaviour and emotional wellbeing
  • Utilising the ‘assess-plan-do-review model’ and ‘graduated approach’ outlined in the SEND Code of Practice
  • Creation of a provision map to log additional support and its impact
  • Use of Stockport’s SEND Guidance Manual
  • Outside agencies can then be contacted to offer further support

Support on Offer:

Quality First Teaching.

We strive to ensure that all classrooms, resources and teaching styles are accessible to pupils with a wide range of support needs. If a student is not making progress despite high quality teaching, a referral is made to the Learning Support Department. Tailored interventions can then be offered.

Learning Support

Learning Support provides a staffed lunch and break club.

Pupils are welcome in Learning Support before school (from 8am) and after school (until 4pm).

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of Learning Support Assistants who work closely with all departments to provide targeted support in lessons.

Additional support and interventions include:

  • Handwriting support
  • Keyboard skills
  • Improving working memory programme
  • Speech and language programmes
  • Occupational therapy and physiotherapy programmes
  • Social communication groups
  • Literacy groups
  • Mindfulness
  • Early exit pass/toilet pass/time out card
  • Motor skills united
  • Counselling
  • Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE) at Key Stage 4
  • Year 7 Transition group
  • Support from outside agencies e.g. educational psychologists

Our Community - Our Future
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