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Careers Activities

We hope to provide every pupil at Marple Hall School with the opportunity to take part in careers activities throughout the school year. We are dedicated to ensuring our pupils get the chance to meet with our local colleges and training providers and hear about their offer. We regularly seek new and interesting activities where pupils can learn about the importance of developing employability skills, learn how to write effective personal statements, CV’s and application forms, discover the current labour market trends, learn more about choosing their options in Yr 8/9 and even learn how to prepare for their college or apprenticeship interviews. These are all delivered in school by our trained staff or by external providers such as the local colleges. Such sessions and activities are designed to help our pupils in a range of different ways. Our staff will work hard to promote a promising future for everyone. The high-quality advice and guidance will be delivered in a simple way for pupils to understand, and we will help them discover the most appropriate route for their future.

Our newest venture is our Careers Kahoot quizzes designed for pupils in Yr 9 -11 to test their knowledge on everything post-16 and introduce them to the ever-changing trends of the labour market and challenge stereotypes. Pupils have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes, some of which are developed in partnership with our local colleges.  

It doesn’t stop there. Our dedicated careers coordinator, alongside our local colleges and training providers, will be looking into delivering unique training sessions specifically for parents and school staff as a way of further supporting our pupils in making informed decisions about their future. These sessions are tailored to offer advice and support to school staff and parents, covering a range of different post-16 topics. Some of these sessions might include an insight into apprenticeships, understanding post-16 options, the new T-Levels, college entry requirements, and information about higher education.

College Information 2023/24

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Upcoming Careers Events

We’ll share all relevant upcoming career events here throughout the academic year, please check back regularly for updates.

Post 16 Careers Week – Please see the links below for more information.

Event Page – https://stockport-jobsmatch.co.uk/post-16-careers-week

Digital Prospectus – https://stockport-jobsmatch.co.uk/post-16-virtual-exhibition

Evening Q&A – https://stockport-jobsmatch.co.uk/post-16-careers-week-expert-qanda

Careers Fair

Each year we host a careers fair inviting over 30 representatives from different colleges and businesses.   We secure the support of several local and national businesses that come in to offer advice and information about careers in their particular field. These include the NHS, Manchester Airport Group, British Airways, Vernon Building Society, Kids Allowed, as well as a host of other businesses    

Key Stage 3

Students are encouraged to develop important interpersonal and life skills that will prepare them well for the future. Students will also be helped to identify their personal qualities, strengths and interests and explore future careers.

Guidance is on hand for Year 9 students to make informed choices regarding GCSE option choices. We encourage students to look forward to their future life in work, offering support and advice on subject choice through Tutor Period, our options evening and option taster days. More tailored guidance is provided through 1:1 personal interviews with senior staff in school. They also have access to the LRC ‘careers corner’ which has a wide range of regularly updated reference materials.

Key Stage 4

Much of the work will focus on preparing for learning post 16 such as CV’s, letters of application, interview techniques as well as further developing awareness of the many options open once they leave Marple Hall.

All year 10 and 11 pupils will receive personal careers advice and guidance from our professionally qualified school careers coordinator. The focus of these friendly discussions is to enable students to discuss their favourite subjects, passions and interests and think further about their ambitions and future career goals. This will allow them to develop the skills they need to make well informed decisions for the future with regards to their post-16 plans We have excellent relationships with our local colleges and training providers and they deliver a number of informative talks and interactive sessions that seek to support our students in the decision-making process. Our Post 16 Evening in June provides Year 10 and 11 students and parents with the opportunity to meet representatives from colleges, apprenticeship and training providers and other employers. College Taster Days in July give each Year 10 student the opportunity to experience college life for the day as well as sample a range of post 16 courses. Year 10 and 11 Students will also be given the opportunity to attend locally organised career events.

Pupils interested in apprenticeships can register with the National Apprenticeship Service or visit the Apprentice Store in Stockport. We always plan to hold apprenticeship awareness evenings and personalised talks towards the end of spring/summer term. Pupils who express an interest in apprenticeships during their 1:1 careers discussions are added to our apprentice support workshops which are delivered in school by a trained professional from the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network.

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