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At Marple Hall our rewards system, which incorporates our merit, social and academic awards as well as our leadership structures, aims to engender a sense of pride and provide an environment where achievement is recognised.


The merits system is used to reward students for excellent classwork, homework, effort and progress. Teachers will give out up to two merits per lesson which will be recorded electronically. Students will receive five merits if they are not given a sanction that week.

Curriculum Rewards

These are awarded termly for excellent classwork/homework, effort, improvement and acts of kindness, and will be awarded in assemblies. Students can be awarded up to three badges in each curriculum area. Students will be able to exchange the third badge for a limited edition black version.

Attendance Rewards

The students who achieve the highest attendance in each year group will be awarded an attendance badge. With excellent attendance over the five years students could achieve the limited edition black badge by the end of Year 11.

Social Rewards

These are awarded for contribution to the wider life of the school and will be given out for supporting social based projects, taking an active role in our student leadership groups, actively contributing to the Marple Hall Spirit.


Throughout the year rewards are given to students for contribution to the Marple Hall Spirit. This may be as a result of academic achievement, excellent effort in class and contributing to the wider school community. Rewards come in many forms which include vouchers, events, medals and trophies.

Friday 5 Attendance Award

The Friday 5 reward is presented weekly to five students who have achieved excellent levels of attendance or who have increased their attendance over a period of time. The prize box is made up of stationery and confectionery with some of the donations being provided by local businesses.

Our Community - Our Future
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