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Remote Learning Offer

The plan for maintaining educational provision at MHS should students not be able to attend school.

Individual students

  • If self-isolating rules are in place, class teachers will either set work on Satchel One for students who are self-isolating at home or they will be expected to join the lesson online. In these cases, the class teacher will deliver a hybrid-style lesson to both the students in school and the isolating students at home.
  • Work completed will be checked by class teachers and follow the normal curriculum.

In the event of a whole year group sent home or school closure:

  • Students will be expected to log-on to register at 8.35am with their form tutor and then to log-into all five lessons that day at the times stated on their timetable.
  • Heads of Year will monitor attendance.
  • Lessons will be taught by the usual class teacher to their classes. Therefore, students will be able to participate in these lessons. Please note, for safeguarding reasons, cameras will not be on. Most lessons will be 40 minute lessons. Some will be shorter as they will set up independent work.
  • All work will be completed in exercise books and brought back into school at the end of the isolation period. Some work will also be submitted on-line for more instant feedback.
Our Community - Our Future
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