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Years 10 and 11

All students in Year 10 and 11 study a common core of subjects which are: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science and core PE. In addition to the core subjects, all KS4 students study four option subjects.

Please find the MHS Y9 Options Booklet for 2022 courses below.

For more information about the curriculum the school is following please contact Miss Davies, Deputy Headteacher, at rhian.davies@marplehall.stockport.sch.uk

All subjects follow the relevant national curriculum programme of study. For more information please visit this site

We arrange the timetable to allow the maximum time possible for each subject. Therefore, we teach 5 lessons per day totaling 25 lessons a week. However, we organise this over 10 days, following a two-week timetable, to ensure that subjects with smaller time allocations have reasonable contact.

Every Thursday there is a timetabled tutor period where Personal, Social and Health Education is taught by the tutors.

The number of periods allocated to each subject can be found below:

4 Options5 or 6 5 or 6 (options with fewer periods in Year 10 will have more in Year 11)

See the document below for additional information on the content which is currently covered in for Year 10s and 11s

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