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Year 7 Transition Group

What is it?

  • Up to 32 year 7 students in two classes
  • Each class taught by one teacher for approximately 50% of the timetable
  • Supported by at least 1 LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
  • The group is taught by one teacher for the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE and Languages
  • The group is taught by other teachers in groups of up to 30 students for the following subjects: Technology, ICT, Drama, Art, PE and Music
  • Students follow the normal school curriculum. For example, when English are teaching a novel, the group will be taught a novel.  However, there is an intense focus is on plugging individual gaps. 

Who is it for?

  • Students who did not meet expected standard in Primary School or who struggled to meet expected standards at Primary School, despite support.
  • Students who will find it very difficult to deal with 13 subjects taught by 13 or more different teachers.
  • Students who will find it difficult to settle in to Marple Hall School, due to a variety of needs.

‘I was unsettled by the idea of my daughter being in the transition group.  I thought she would be really isolated.  It turned out to be the best experience for her and helped her to be enthusiastic about school again.’


Why is it needed?

  • It helps students plug gaps in their knowledge and make rapid progress
  • It improves student confidence in their learning so they are progressing with their peers
  • It supports making friends and creating long-lasting bonds
  • It provides additional support for those who are scared about being in such a big school.
  • It provides key members of staff that students can rely on
  • It helps reduce behaviour issues and improve attendance
  • It provides a greater sense of belonging and community
  • It bridges the gap between primary and high school teaching methods
  • It allows students to settle in at their own pace, without feeling overwhelmed, reducing the stress caused by moving to high school
  • It provides positive staff relationships for year 8 onwards. Students can regularly check in with their transition teacher.

The academic, social, and emotional progress of students is regularly assessed, and students can move out of the class at half-termly intervals if they’re ready. For all subjects except Maths and Science, the class move into mixed ability, full classes at Easter, supported by a transition programme.

Students are placed in several different form groups, mixed with the rest of their year group, and are free to mix with the rest of their year group at break and lunch, and take part in any extra-curricular activity the school offers.

Who’s Who?
Transition Teachers

Lauren Cochrane has been a teacher mainly in KS2 for 18 years. She has a background working with pupils with additional needs and has previously been a SENDCO

Stephen Hill is a primary-trained teacher with 24 years’ experience

Transition Support:

Sylvia Douglas is a higher-level teaching assistant with numerous years’ experience of supporting students in high school. She gathers information from primary schools and supports them to settle in to life at Marple Hall School


Nuala Burke is the school’s SENDCO with 20 years’ teaching experience and 8 years’ experience as a SENDCO.  She collates all the information gathered from primary schools and makes the final decisions about who will be in the transition

Our Community - Our Future
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