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Winter is coming!

Someone reminded me yesterday that not long before half term we were all commenting on the unseasonably warm weather – 22 degrees in early October, for example. Well, I can safely say that this week has proven that Autumn has arrived and winter is on its way. One of the best things about our school are the generous grounds that the schools is built on, giving everyone here space to spread out and enjoy some fresh air. It’s wonderful for almost all the year, but less so when it’s freezing cold or chucking it down. Suddenly the walk from MFL to Maths, or vice versa, looks a lot less appealing! We obviously want to make sure that students are dry and warm when in their lessons and of course they are welcome to wear coats around the school site, but just a reminder that hoodies or non-school jumpers are not allowed.

This week in assembly Mrs Lawton has been delivering her second of six ‘reading’ assemblies. Mrs Lawton, alongside Miss Shakeshaft, Mrs Beirne and Miss Goodall, lead our whole school reading programme. She also delivers excellent assemblies! This week she has been promoting the ‘horror’ genre of books to the students, complete with telling her own ghost story handed down from her gran. If you live with an MHS student then ask them to tell you the story – it’s terrifying!

All the research tells us that the two best ways to succeed at school are to read and to turn up to school every day. Surely when the weather is horrible then there’s no better time to pick up a book.

Have a great weekend

Joe Barker


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