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Welcome back – summer term 2021

Welcome back – summer term 2021

This week the news has featured stories of people full of hope. Shops reopening, hospitality reopening, more options for visiting friends and family. Whilst remembering that not all is good news – people are still catching and suffering from Covid and some people are anxious about the ‘unlocking’ – there is a general sense of hope that we may finally be getting back to some kind of normal.

To be honest, I feel the same here in school. There is no doubt that Covid is still having a major impact on what we can/can’t do as a school, but this is the first ‘start of term’ since March last year where school feels more normal than not, if that makes any sense!

This is probably a combination of several factors; firstly we’re all used to the unusual features of face coverings, one way systems, year group bubbles etc. Secondly, the number of self-isolations that blighted the October-December period have not reoccurred and so we have more consistency in terms of student attendance. Thirdly, we’re making tentative steps to bring back previously paused aspects of school life such as extra-curricular activities. Finally, teachers and students are able to focus more on learning than on Covid precautions or hybrid teaching, and there is of course a great sense of purpose amongst those working towards final grades this summer.

Throughout the pandemic my team and I have had half an eye on what school will be like when all this is over, making sure we learn from the positives that have come out of the situation we found ourselves in. I suppose that at the moment we’re in a bit of a half way house – it’s not ‘normal’ yet, but equally it’s not a crisis either – and I look forward with hope to a successful summer term for all.

Best wishes

Joe Barker


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