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They Rocked Us!

A week or so ago I mentioned the school production that was taking place this week, ‘We Will Rock You’. I have just come home after seeing the show on the closing night and all I can say is ‘Wow!’

It was a fantastic experience, a true showcase of the creative talent that lives at Marple Hall School and an example to everyone of what can be achieved when hard working people come together. The acting, the singing, the dancing, the comedy were all so good, all framed within stunning sets, great costumes, incredibly professional music, wonderful make-up, brilliant sound and lighting and great back stage support. I’m fully aware that I’m a completely unreliable witness and I’m totally biased, but in my opinion it more than rivalled the professional version of the same show I saw in Manchester four or five years ago. I’m just sad that anyone reading this, and didn’t get to go, has now completely missed it!

Throughout the week the cast has performed the show six times, twice a day for three days. It’s brilliant that so many friends and family could see it, but I’m also excited by the fact that hundreds of primary aged children saw the show on Tuesday and Wednesday, and our whole Year 9 got to see it this afternoon. I was teaching at the time so couldn’t see their reaction, but I know that they lapped it up and loved it as much as I did tonight. Of course the hope is that this will light a fire of ambition inside a year 9, or year 6, or year 5, and that as a result we’ll see that young person on stage one day.

I worry sometimes about the students who just come to school for the core hours. The form time, the lessons and the lunch…and nothing else. This show, along with seeing all the sports teams practicing and playing since September, brought it home to me what we lost during Covid and what absolutely must get back.

Have a great weekend,

Joe Barker


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