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Summer reading challenge!

As we approach the final two weeks of the year, and as this is the penultimate blog of 2023-2024, I wanted to return to the well worn path of reading.

There are two things that determine success at school above all others. 1) Good attendance, and 2) Reading for pleasure. In other words, turn up and read. I don’t want to oversimplify the mystery and magic of learning, but the research is clear that these two elements have the biggest impact on a student’s progress in school.

That’s why this summer we are setting all our students a summer reading challenge. Mrs Lawton, one of our reading experts, has specially selected twelve short stories suitable for children of different ages. Six for students who will be in Years 8 and 9 in September, and six for those who will be in Years 10 and 11. The challenge is to read them all – the main prize of course being the joy of reading and the benefit to a child’s education…but there are also some more tangible prizes on offer too. We’re including our new Year 7 students in the challenge too, as everyone who attended the transition day yesterday received their own reading challenge booklet on the theme of ‘Villains’.

Mrs Lawton will share all the information about the challenge, including how to access these texts for free, via email to parents/carers. She has also arranged for a video message to go to every form group, and a set of the following cards to be handed out too.

The summer is long…but if you want to encourage your young person to do one thing to keep their brain ticking over then perhaps encourage them to complete this challenge.

Best wishes

Joe Barker


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