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Our focus on the Marple Hall Spirit reaches its conclusion this fortnight with the most unique of the five school characteristics – SPARK!

This week it’s been brilliant seeing students engaging really well in their celebration assemblies, a chance for us to recognise their success and give credit where it is due. Not every student can win a badge every assembly, but so many young people have done amazing things this term and we always enjoy celebrating with them.

Last night we had our first ever SPARK EVENING, a great showcase of the arts in different forms culminating in a wonderful summer concert. It’s been all too long since we could last do that, and I couldn’t stop smiling at seeing Bradshaw hall alive and buzzing again in the summer heat. Seeing the joy on the faces of performers, crew, staff and audience members alike reminded me of how important these opportunities are. Not only that, but the art auction was a roaring success – if I’d known people were that willing to part with their cash we’d have been doing auctions for years!

Finally today was our first SPARK DAY in three years, and our third in total. It’s a brilliant day where students take part in something creative in the morning, followed by a mini ‘festival on the field’ complete with live music, stalls, activities, sports events and a chance to relax and enjoy their time with friends and staff. I don’t know how much we’ve raised for charity yet, the totals will come later, but the atmosphere on the field was brilliant and students seemed to be having a great time. Thank you to all the staff – and there were MANY – who made spark day such a success.

Spark is not unique to our school, but our deliberate and determined focus on it as a worthy attribute probably is. It’s one of the things that I love about our ‘Marple Hall Spirit’, and this week has underlined just how much it matters. But we’re not done yet! Next week students will be showing their spark in a massive range of different ways during enrichment week and/or work experience, and I’d like to thank those members of staff who have given up so much time to give students these great opportunities. Running trips, especially residential ones, is not mandatory and I know some schools have stopped them completely. I’m therefore hugely grateful to our dedicated teams who put their hands up for the good of the students – you have my utmost respect.

Lastly for today and for the term, we say goodbye next week to the colleagues listed below. All are moving on to pastures new and I wish them all the very best.

Thank you to everyone for their support over the past year. I’ll allow you a few weeks respite from my weekly blogs now and will see you again in September!

Joe Barker

Goodbye and good luck to the following colleagues!

Millie Boucher, Learning Support Assistant

Luke Rondong, Learning Manager

Vanessa Sanchez, MFL Teacher

Barbara Santomartino, MFL teacher

Rosie O’Grady, Maths teacher

Rachel Lennie, MFL teacher

Harry Dennis, Science Technician

Amy Rivans, Science teacher

Dawn O’Doherty, Head of Year

Neil Cooke, Head of Year

And a special mention to

Rebecca Hitchen, Teacher of English, after 25 years of dedicated service.


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