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Spark Fortnight

Across the school year we spend a fortnight at a time focusing on one element of the Marple Hall Spirit. Our school ethos is really important to us, and these ‘focus fortnights’ help to remind students and staff alike about the qualities of Determination, Honesty, Readiness, Respect and Spark that form the Marple Hall Spirit. We’re currently in the middle of the focus fortnight on ‘Spark‘, which is without doubt the most unique of our values. It’s the one that people always comment on when they come to visit, and it’s there to celebrate all the creative, inventive and brave things that only teenagers can do.

One great example of Spark is the annual school production, and the huge number of students who take part in one way or another. Next Autumn the school will be putting on ‘Bugsy Malone’, and to date we have a cast of 88, plus 6 student stage managers and many more who will be involved in make up, costume and front of house. It amazing that so many young people are passionate enough to take part these productions and wonderful that we’re able to give them these experiences. A huge amount of work is yet to go into the show and my appreciation for all the staff, students and parents involved is boundless.

Of course Spark isn’t solely about the school production. Students can show their spark in lessons, around school, in sports clubs, extra curricular clubs and beyond. Staff are especially on the lookout for examples of spark this fortnight, but it will always be a central part of our school culture.

Have a great weekend,

Joe Barker


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