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Reawakening the Marple Hall Spirit

Reawakening the Marple Hall Spirit

This week I’ve enjoyed the chance to hold assemblies for students in Year 7-10, not only a sign that covid is finally leaving us but the start of an important piece of work on bringing the Marple Hall Spirit back to the centre of school life.

The Marple Hall Spirit is our school ethos, five qualities that we value in everyone, young and old. The concept was created by the whole school community in 2016 and served us well right up to the pandemic and during the first lockdowns. Covid affected many parts of school life, not least the restriction in getting people together, hampering our ability to create a sense of belief in and belonging to our school. It’s only as we have emerged ‘back to normal’ that we have noticed that the Marple Hall Spirit needs to be promoted once more. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that one of our strongest and most ‘together’ year groups is Year 11, the cohort who had the strongest and longest exposure to our ethos before the pandemic started.

So…we have set ourselves a challenge to re-awaken the Marple Hall Spirit between now and the end of the summer term in July. We have lots of ways planned to do this, starting with my assemblies this week and this very blog. One way is to constantly talk about the five qualities that we most admire in members of the Marple Hall Community:

These qualities matter to us. As I said to the students in assembly this week, they are what I look for in candidates applying and interviewing for jobs, in colleagues and in every student every day. Succeed at these five things and you won’t go far wrong in life!

I’m always really keen to hear from parents and carers, and so if anyone out there has ideas about how we can really reinforce our Marple Hall Spirit – perhaps in the community for example – then please get in touch.

Best wishes

Joe Barker

Ps if you’re a new parent/carer whose child was offered a place with us this week for next September, welcome!!


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