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Reading challenges for all!

I’ve mentioned the importance of reading a few times in my blog, as here at MHS we know how life changing it can be if students can develop good reading habits. Youngsters who read, and especially those who read fiction, are much more likely to make progress across ALL their subject areas. Obviously students spend some time in their lessons reading, and more time still in their form groups, but if students want to reach their potential then that is only the start. Students need to read in their own time of they are to see the most gains, and those who read a lot will surely succeed a lot too.

As a school we have support in place for those students who find reading hard and we’re committed to increasing this support as much as we can. We’re also keen to encourage students to read for pleasure, and so it was great seeing how many students visited the Hub during our special ‘open’ lunchtime on Tuesday.

Not only this, but in her assemblies this week and next, Mrs Lawton is setting students two reading challenges. There are two that they can have a go at; the ’10×30 reading challenge’ and the ’16 b4 16 reading challenge’. The details, copied from Mrs Lawton’s message to students in the weekly bulletin, are below.

It would be great if school and families together can have a big collective push on reading with all our young people. It really really matters!


Joe Barker

As mentioned in Mrs Lawton’s assembly, we are challenging you to read for 10 minutes a day for 30 days. Start by downloading any free Reading apps such as ibooks and Pocketbook. If you want, you can just keep a written record in your school planner/own notebook. Stick to the challenge of reading for 10 minutes a day and at the end of the 30 days take a screen shot of your reading streak on your app or a photo of your written record and email it to lyn.lawton@marplehall.stockport.sch.uk You will receive a limited edition star reading badge to wear on your blazer.


We are also looking for our first 10 readers to meet the 16 before 16 challenge. You can pick up a passbook from the Hub at lunchtime/in your Hub lesson. This is a longer challenge which will require great determination and therefore carries these rewards:


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