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MHS Update 21-1-2022

MHS Update 21-1-2022

We’ve had a strong start to the term with overall student attendance significantly higher than at the end of last year. At the moment at least the number of students having to isolate due to covid is relatively low, and we have not yet experienced any difficulties due to staff absence. Of course I am aware that all this may change, but so far so good. I am afraid though that out of necessity this blog is once again ‘covid-themed’.

Vaccine permission

There will soon be a second opportunity to get a covid vaccine in school for students aged 12 or above. For many this will be their second jab, but first jabs are also available at this time. As previously, covid vaccinations will only be administered to students who are 12 or above, and for whom we have permission from a parent or legal guardian, registered online via Edulink. A message about how to register or decline consent is going out today, and we ask for all responses by Friday 28th January. Parents of all students will receive the message even if their child is under 12. In this case, no response is needed. The vaccinations will take place at some point in February.

Parents and carers should check edulink for the ‘form’ to fill in and return. It is marked by a small red marker on the forms icon as shown here (depending on your device). Please make sure you are logged in as a parent, not a student, to see the form.


This week saw the end of masks in classrooms, but not yet ‘masks on the move’. With the use of face coverings in corridors, in the Autumn term MHS acted independently of the national advice and asked students to wear them at a time when doing so was not stipulated in Department of Education guidance. The indication is that as of Thursday next week mask wearing in corridors will no longer be part of official guidance, and so we will have the option this expectation. However, this is something that I plan to review myself next week based on case numbers and our situation. Every school is different and our very narrow corridors and stairs may mean that wearing masks is more important for us than in other, more modern school buildings. Either way, I’ll update staff, families and students next week.

Other measures

We beefed up covid measures at the start of term as a sensible precaution against the Omicron variant. I am hopeful that in general terms we can look to reduce some precautions in the very near future. The first change is likely to be a lifting of the current temporary ban on extra-curricular activities. We have a great range of clubs here and I know that students and staff are very keen to get back to them, and so again I hope to be able to make further announcements within a week or so.

Year 11 and exams

It’s important to realise that there is a LOT more to school life than covid. There is no better example than the fact that Year 11 are gearing up for a ‘normal’ exam season this summer. There might be a few students who are in denial, but I am very confident that exams will go ahead in one format or another and so now is the time for students to start getting serious. This week we have had the Year 11 practice modern foreign language speaking tests, and the feedback has been great from teachers. The students have approached the task very maturely and hopefully got a lot out of the process, doubly impressive when we consider that this year group have not sat formal exams of any kind since Year 8!

Best wishes

Joe Barker


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