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MHS Update 11-2-2022

Firstly, a quick apology for not doing a blog last week. I’m sure that many of you were relieved, but for better or worse normal service is now resumed.

Secondly, a massive well done to all those students who have done either trial or real exams over the past three weeks. Year 9 MFL students, some Year 10 and of course every Year 11 student have had a taste of it (a big taste in the case of the latter), and their attitude has been great to see. They have shown great determination, a key element of our Marple Hall Spirit.  Our team of invigilators have been full of praise for the students and I am incredibly proud of them. It certainly bodes well for the summer.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I have a covid update for you. As we start the new half term on 21st February we are making some sensible but significant changes to covid rules. These changes will help us to restore normality and finally bring back the full school experience. Obviously there is a health warning to all of this, eg if covid cases spike again then we may review changes and bring back restrictions. 

From Monday 21st February onwards – no more compulsory masks

Masks will no longer be compulsory ‘on the move’. Individuals are welcome to wear masks if they wish, but they are no longer compulsory. Students have been generally great at wearing masks and I thank both them and parents/carers for supporting our stance on masks.

From Monday 28th February onwards – no more coats in lessons

Classroom doors and windows will be closed either completely or for most of the time. Where ventilation is required the doors/windows will be opened for a short time and then closed again. Therefore, students will no longer be able to wear coats or other items in classrooms. Our uniform expectations will resume in full, and I am looking forward to seeing lessons progress with fewer noise distractions from now on.

From Monday 14th March onwards

There will be no guidance stating that staff need to remain distanced from learners in the classroom. Until that time guidance will remain that teachers should teach ‘from the front’ and learning support assistants will keep distanced from students as much as possible. From 14th March this restriction will be formally lifted.

We will also be reviewing the last element of the one way system – the stairs in Bradshaw building – but no date has been agreed for this yet. However, we will not be reversing the rules about year groups being separate at break and lunch. This has been a very beneficial change and we plan to keep it.

The changes listed above will help us to bring the school back to something very much like it was two years ago. In doing so, we will lay the groundwork for helping all students meet all our basic expectations every day. Out of necessity covid restrictions had an impact on various aspects such as punctuality and uniform standards, through no fault of the students themselves. The vast majority of students have never let their own standards slip, but a number have done and over the next term and a half we will be reinforcing our expectations. I am confident the students will rise to the challenge.

Thanks you all for your ongoing support and, if you are off next week, have a great half term.

Best wishes

Joe Barker


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