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This week and next, Deputy Headteacher Mr Sharp is leading assemblies on the importance of extra curricular activities. In an assembly-friendly version of a game loosely based on ‘family fortunes’, Mr Sharp challenges the students to name the seven biggest benefits of taking part in extra curricular activities. In the two assemblies that I have seen students have been enthusiastic in their engagement with the game, giving ideas and showing a real understanding of how learning beyond the curriculum can help students academically, socially and in terms of their wellbeing.

It is no secret that the first thing to ‘go’, and the last thing to ‘come back’, from schools during Covid was the extra curricular offer. When the focus was on staying safe and everything we did was in order to keep the core function of school operating, the extra stuff had to either stop or change so much as to be virtually unrecognisable. Rebuilding our extra curricular provision has taken some time, but we do now have a really strong offer for students to take part in. Sports, art, drama, music, debating, climate change…there’s a lot to choose from for those who want to take part.

However, we are never complacent and in an ideal world 100% of students would do at least one extra curricular activity across a year. We’re a long way from achieving this, and so if you’re a parent or carer whose child does not currently take part in something extra then by all means ask them why and what they may want to do, if it were available. If you can let me or any member of staff know then we’ll do our best to be accommodating.

Have a lovely weekend, hope everyone manages to stay warm.

Joe Barker


Our Community - Our Future
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