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Firstly, thank you to everyone who sent in ideas for the new school strapline – see last week’s blog here for more details. We’ve had loads of great suggestions and there’s still time to add to the list if you find yourself inspired.

Secondly this week I’d like to highlight just one example of the kind of activities that young people are involved in regarding climate change. Challenging the climate crisis is something that many people are passionate about, and it is something that unites a great many young people. Their passion for protecting the environment of the future is clear to see, and this can only be a good thing for everyone.

Despite a pause during Covid Stockport has always been keen to give a forum for young people to shape future policy on climate change, and last week two students were able to take part in a debate in the council chamber. Schools were invited to put forward proposals and the best ones will be debated by the actual council with a view to making them happen. Therefore this was a genuine chance to change policy and make a difference. Sophie Ellwood and William Roberts did a great job representing MHS having already done very well to earn the right to present their views.

Miss Sargeant has been instrumental in supporting students in this campaign and so I’ll let her explain what happened, see below!


Joe Barker

Initially 70 schools sent forward their ideas for policy change in Stockport. 20 schools were chosen to attend the debate and just 5 were chosen to present their idea… we were one of the 5, arguing for more grants to help insulate houses.

Schools across Stockport were asked to put forward ideas to fight against Climate Change and 5 were chosen to go forward to council. In the end the students of Stockport voted for sustainable sanitory products across schools, put forward by Reddish Vale. All 5 ideas will be put forward to council and the winning one will be put into policy. 

Sophie and Will laid out an outstanding argument to create grants for housing insulation. They researched the criteria for the funding and realised this had recently ceased and due to rising energy bills this was not just important but something that could affect not just adults but all young people. They argued that rented properties deserved the same opportunity as home owners and that this had to change immediately. Will and Sophie were spoken to by the mayor, councillors and other schools about their maturity when delivering, how well they carried themselves throughout the day and how passionate they were. They were absolutely amazing and I am so proud to have been a part of it with them. This was an opportunity for Stockport students to make a difference and that they did with force.

Eva-Joy Sargeant


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